OpenTF announced fork of Terraform

After the recent announcement by Hashicorp that they are changing the licences on most of their products it seems a group have formed (under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation) with the intention of forking Terraform as OpenTF

These sorts of forks happen all the time when there is a kerfuffle about license changes so it isn’t all that surprising. Some of these forks survive, but a majority tend to die out after the initial burst of activity.

However, I did find the following extract from the announcement rather interesting:

Who is maintaining OpenTF? Is there enough firepower behind the project?
So far, four companies pledged the equivalent of 14 full-time engineers (FTEs) to the OpenTF initiative. We expect this number to at least double in the following few weeks. To give you some perspective, Terraform was effectively maintained by about 5 FTEs from HashiCorp in the last 2 years. If you don’t believe us, look at their repository.

Time will only tell how long these companies remain committed to the fork, but almost tripling the number of developers working on the project seems pretty significant.


Missed opportunity. They could have named themselves the World TF foundation…

Jokes aside, this feels like a solid move. Especially since Hashicorp seem to be chanelling OGL-esque shennanigans.

Interesting move by Linux Foundation given hashicorp are members of CNCF (HashiCorp Joins the CNCF) which is part of LF (