Web Developer 42 (WD42)

Does anyone know if WD42 ever started up again after COVID? Or, what happened?

From memory they tried. I got an email from them at one point about starting up again, but I haven’t heard anything for quite some time now.

Yeah their web presence was never strong, but that seems to have dried up now too. But you have reminded me they had a mailing list, I should see if I can find when the last email I received was. :thinking:

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The last I heard from David, the previous organiser, was that they were looking for someone new to run it who had the spare time to do so. And probably a new venue as well.

Aha! That’s probably it then.

Last mailing list email seems to be April 26 2020 for an online event, and that was it. :person_shrugging:

Shame, the presentations were good, and a good turn out too.

You’re all correct!

After we shut down for COVID we tried a few online events and then some in-person nights without talks. It was not enough to get momentum going so I never managed to muster the energy to start things up again properly.

We’ve lost the venue we were using and the food and drink sponsorship so those are things that I feel would need to be handled before we could start up again. I did have an interesting conversation a few months ago which gave me some hope of reviving the event. I’ll be following up on that again soon.

their web presence was never strong

Love the irony :wink:

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Thanks for the concrete information. Good luck with the revival, it was definitely a good value event for Hobart. Was great to get insight to what some of the other development activity around the place was - and what direction.