TTUG Logo Submissions

According to the welcome post the forums need a logo to give it a unique look. I’ll get the ball rolling with this lovely contribution:


I would have a crack but yours is already much better than mine :rofl:

The Tas TV vibes this has. Making me feel old.

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Bump :joy: really need to work on the word limit.

We did a day at work recently to look into how we can leverage AI tools to improve productivity. So… That got me thinking, are the AI tools to generate logos. Turns out there’s quite a few:

So I took them for a spin the and first one gave several ideas. Maybe someone with skills could use them for inspiration. :person_shrugging:

The second site provides a refinement step where I ended up with this example:


The first one seemed a simpler and more scatter gun approach and gave me:

I went and had a play with and came up with the following ones.

I can extend these if people are keen on a certain one.

Here are some links to ones I like.

Nice work! Of the three you linked to the first two grab me - especially the one which includes the map of tassie.

Did you want to go with a vote, or just pick and run with one?

I think i need to find a Poll plugin for Discourse :smiley: Lets keep them rolling in while i work that out.

Or we could just randomly rotate through all submissions month to month :smiley:

Rotating them would get very confusing and isn’t really setting the brand. Having some guidelines on what should be in the logo would be a good start though. Colours, wording, should it be playful, business, modern, retro?

I for one, would like the words ‘Tas Tech User Group’ to be in it to make it clear what TTUG stands for.

EDIT: Discourse already has a poll option. Under the cog is ‘Build Poll’

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