RHEL alternative?

With all those hoohaa around Redhat is anyone using Suse for servers?

Keen to see what others are using… should add a pill module :joy:

Nah at the moment I’ve moved back to Ubuntu for all my server builds.

Found it to be easier at the moment.

Have always thought of Ubuntu as a desktop Linux distro :rofl:. Might need to have another look at it.

I recently came across SUSE Liberty Linux which appears to be SUSE providing support contracts for RHEL. I assume it is as much about helping to migrate customers from RHEL to SUSE and not having to pay two companies for support during the transition (which could take a rather long time). So if you are in a situation when you need run something like RHEL because of a vendor support requirement, then SUSE seems like a pretty good alternative at the moment. Most vendors used to require RHEL or SUSE, though Ubuntu is starting to become more of a vendor supported option these days as well.

If you don’t need vendor support, then Debian would be my recommendation these days.

if you are happy to do things ‘the ubuntu way’ then its definitely a server option. It is widely deployed as a server OS.

cough cough can I interest you in FreeBSD at all? :grin: