RedHat attempting to block Rocky and Almalinux

What are peoples thoughts on this? I have always been a big centos user and moved to rocky/almalinux when stream happened.

This isn’t the first time RedHat have made changes to how they release the source code to their distro. Many years back they stopped publishing the equivalent of their internal repos and just made (essentially) snapshots available. Practically it didn’t necessary make a lot of difference to most uses, but it did make it harder to determine things like which patches had been applied/back-ported in the Linux kernel. At the time this seemed to be mainly driven by Oracle Linux being parasites and making life more difficult for them.

I haven’t been following the recent changes very closely, but I have seen a few comments where they seem to be slagging off the more community oriented down-stream distros which seems like an interesting tactic.

It is one thing to lay the boot into Oracle, it is quite another to burn any good will in the community (who might be potential customers).

My personal preference has always been more towards the Debian based distros, so I’ve only every really managed RHEL/CentOS servers at work that required it for support reasons (ie. proprietary software that required RHEL/SLES). More recent years the proprietary vendors have been more willing to allow using Ubuntu or even Debian which has given us a few more options.

When RedHat announced that CentOS would be going to Streams with very little notice it basically prevented CentOS from being a viable option for non-production environments at work (where we might run RHEL in production). We also had no incentive to look for CentOS alternatives because who knew if they would be around in a few years. Given the time/effort involved in trying to pick an alternative distro and the risk that we might have to switch again if we picked the wrong one, we basically decided to not replace CentOS/RHEL servers, and instead migrated to Debian (or Ubuntu if we had no other choice) as old server are being decommissioned.

By RedHat/IBM now adding more uncertainty around the viability of Rocky and AlmaLinux I imagine there are a few more smaller organisations feeling burnt for a second time and looking to move away from the RHEL ecosystem.

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Are SUSE trolling Redhat?

Had to check it wasn’t April first. Lol

Did not see this coming. Will be super interesting.

RedHat’s competitors (Rocky Linux, Oracle, SUSE) seem to be teaming up to provide a compatible alternative.

haha, I like the Freeloaders welcome jab on their website

Hah, I didn’t notice that.