Programming Languages of Tassie

It’s early days here on TTUG, however over time I’d be keen to hear from tassie developers as to what are the main languages they use for work. These days we all use many, but maybe mention the top three. I think it’d be insightful to the industry, and maybe even help those who are looking for a new language to learn.

Currently, I’d say the main languages I use are: Java, Scala and Typescript.

Rust, C/C++, various. Context: native libraries shared across desktop+mobile platforms. Rust is hot right now and IME it’s hard work finding job candidates with significant experience, especially in combination with mobile.

I do a lot of scripting and web stuff that’s more of a hackery :slight_smile: so Python for me :smiley:

C, a little C++, Python, Javascript. Some Rust thanks to experience working with @thombles. Sometimes dabble with Java/Kotlin. Lua and GDscript for gamedev.

My main work languages would C#, TypeScript and SQL. I am teaching myself Swift at the moment outside of my day job.

We’re mostly C#, JS/Typescript, and Swift.

A mix. Mainly Python, Ruby and shell scripting. Java/Kotlin gets a special mention but that’s usually in the context of triage and debugging under fire these days rather than development.

Others are Lua, Javascript, some Go. Rust is my current learning focus.