Note Taking Apps

Lately I’ve been seeing apps like Obsidian and Logseq mentioned more frequently. I’m wondering if anyone is using either of these (or similar apps)?

Currently I just use Vim and a text files for my work log and noting other random ideas/thoughts, and various other text files scattered around project directory to keep track of project specific notes. I’m thinking it might be a good idea to start organising these various notes a bit more.

So what are other people using? Are apps like Obsidian/Logseq really as great as randos on the Internet seem to claim? Are there any similar apps that aren’t Electron based?

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I was using the NextCloud Notes app (and matching iOS app) for a bit. But this year I’ve really been enjoying Joplin instead (both iOS app and desktop - which yes, alas, is another Electron jobbie I believe). In theory I can also easily import my NextCloud Notes (seeing they’re just text files) but I haven’t sat down and tried that yet.

I’m happy to look past the electron bit for what it offers. Specifically, multi-device sync without the need of a dedicated server side element. Just supports various cloud based storage options (NextCloud, Dropbox, etc). I really want to see more apps taking this approach. And then on top of that, as a notes taking platform it ticks all the boxes.

All my previous notes options (other than wikis) have been purely text. But Joplin supports images, as well as linking between notes. And then it’s hierarchical, searchable and has E2EE.

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Didn’t think to give Joplin a look. I tried it on my phone and there were a few things I liked about it, but couldn’t get it to sync properly with NextCloud (the idea being I would just edit the raw files using Vim on the desktop). I’ll give the desktop app a spin when I look at Logseq and Obsidian.