HashiCorp joins IBM to accelerate multi-cloud automation

Crazy! What do people think of this.

I did like nomad as a alternative to K8s

From a community perspective I think most of the “damage” was already done when they re-licensed their products to the BSL.

In terms of the IBM purchase I don’t think it will have much impact in the short-term and things will pretty much remain the same.

Longer term it will probably play out like the RedHat acquisition - the bean counters will try to identify where they can extract the most revenue and the products will be technically “open source” but not necessarily as “open” as people expect from an open source project. The revenue extraction may also lead to a slow-down in development, or attention being focused more on proprietary add-ons/integrations.

As an aside we are currently starting to migrate applications from an in-house cluster management system that has evolved over the years (and is definitely showing its age) across to a Nomad cluster. Because Nomad provides a number of different drivers we can re-use a lot of the existing setup and gradually make the transition and incrementally improve things. So far it has been a fairly pleasant experience.

If we went down the Kubernetes route where everything has to be in containers it would have been much more of a headache, and for some of the legacy applications they may never have made the transition. So far Nomad also seem a lot easier to manage/debug that when I was messing around with Kubernetes years ago.

Another random little factlet about IBM/HashiCorp…

OpenTofu and OpenBao are both forks of Terraform and Vault (respectively) under the previous MPL-2.0 license. Both projects are part of LF Edge (ie. Linux Foundation) projects. IBM is a Premier Member of LF Edge.

yeah interesting, I remember reading some about hashicorp talking about burning through funding and having to do something about it. I don’t think much will change for the moment. Though as @jerrykan has mentioned the licensing change really caused more issues